Linux on a Macbook...

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Linux on a Macbook...

Post by TazManiac » Sat Feb 18, 2017 1:46 am

(1st draft didn't get posted, system hung up and I lost my edits, but it was too long winded anyway...)

- Boot from 'LiveCD/USB', Apple Macbook Pro's no-button-having trackpad (aka 'ClickPad') has a Right-Click behaviour in the lower right hand corner.

- Boot from the installed-to-the-hard-drive version of the very same Linux OS and it only works now as a double-finger tap = right-click function.

It's been bugging me that I had to two-finger it all the time; too many environmental/user error factors to contend with.

I knew, from observation & I suppose intuition, that I could designate a certain region as a 'if I click the pad while in this particular area it will = a right-click' type operation, but it wasn't until just now that my Google-Fu came through... ... ickPads.29

btw, the previous, now lost, text was even longer and more detailed, so there is that.

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