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In August '11 on another site, AmriloJim wrote:Devotees of Wapsi Square probably already know of the esteem with which Paul holds artist Tracy Butler. Lackadaisy is a finely-crafted webcomic, rich with well-developed characters and eloquent artwork finished in a sepia tone evocative of the strip's Prohibition-era St. Louis stage.
Alas, the only thing I wish I could correct about this strip is its regularity. The last update was in late May... UNTIL TODAY! Four new installments! And I'm not talking four postcard-sized panels... Tracy posted the equivalent of four full Sunday Funnies dead-tree pages!
The artwork is exquisite, the story is engaging and Tracy's respect for the historic atmosphere in which her characters live make the span between updates not seem so bad.
As a result of that thread, my board enjoys updates from members who share their finding new material. Paul, I don't know if you are able to make the time to check Lackadaisy for updates, so I'm passing along the news....
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