Stuff that Makes You Go Hmmmm....

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Stuff that Makes You Go Hmmmm....

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The Lewis Model Explains Every Culture In The World

Long ago I learned that societies are built on a culture, and cultures don't blend much at all. So, in a single nation, we have various societies that pretty much keep to their own. We all get along by being polite to each other. If a culture doesn't value civility, then expect clashes. Then again, simply adopting the features of a culture doesn't make you one of them. Wearing a hat doesn't make you a cowboy, it makes you a fashion poser, and so on.

I hadn't heard about the Lewis Model before, and though you might find this interesting, even useful. Yes, it's stereotyping, but stereotyping is useful because it's how we navigate the world. If we didn't, we'd forever being surprised or puzzled by trying to figure out anew each day what that thing hanging over the intersection with the red, yellow, and green lights is for.
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