"Gender-flipped" news stories on new blog

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"Gender-flipped" news stories on new blog

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Tumblr blog "Flip the News" takes news articles and changes all references to males (including gender-specific names) to female to examine gender-based differences in reporting...
Sample post titles:
You Don’t Have to Have Kids to Be a Great Father
Marissa Mayer’s Widower Debuts on Philanthropic Stage
   (originally titled "Steve Jobs' Widow Debuts on {hilanthropic Stage" at the NYTimes; retitled “Steve Job’s Widow steps onto Philanthropic Stage” there; the blog creator speculates that the original title could be read as sexist enough it got through to the editors...)
Unexcited? There May Be a Pill for That
   an article of which the blogger says
It’s been pretty bizarre to me that there continues to persist a hugely strong mythology that men always want to have sex, and women aren’t that into it. Either I’m living in a bubble, or media is spinning untruths, because this isn’t the case for pretty much every couple I know. Nearly all the women have a strong sex drive, equal or above the drive of the men in their lives. This could also be the generation I’m a member of (late-twenties).

In any case, this persistent myth sucks for all parties. It makes straight women feel odd if their sex drive is higher than their male partners, and it also makes them feel like they must be unattractive if their man doesn’t want to have sex with them *all the time.* It also makes men (probably gay or straight) feel like they aren’t “real men” if they just don’t feel like sex sometimes.

This flip takes on this issue - what if we acknowledged the reality that men, actually, don’t feel like having sex sometimes, and that their female partners can be frustrated by it?

Also, note that it’s interesting to read an article about a sex drug for men that’s invented by a woman- Adria instead of Adriaan. Don’t see that too often
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