Swing By Your Place 2023-06-06

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Swing By Your Place 2023-06-06

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She's obviously very social by nature. She's quite calm when talking with someone else, and completely freaked out when she's by herself.

Dr. Dave prescribes a few days of mosh-pit therapy. She'll be fine. 8-)
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Re: Swing By Your Place 2023-06-06

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She's a succubus, in other realities she would need sex like we need food. Not necessarily with her but just near her is enough in most 'verses. Now how it works in the Wapsi-verse is not exactly spelled out. I'm sure we'll see how she "feeds" in short order, but speculation how it works out here is fun. In other 'verses succubi and incubi who aren't old enough to have sex for physical or legal reasons are usually kept in a place where there are lots of people making out nearby, or other sexual activity. In Japan they would live in a love hotel for example. :ugeek:
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