The Rake That Hit Them 2023-06-01

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The Rake That Hit Them 2023-06-01

Post by Dave »

Very cool young guy there, and Scarlet looks quite relieved.

And it's going to take me hours to get rid of the image of someone stepping on a rake and hitting themselves in the face with its handle. Probably keep waking up tonight with that image in my head. Thanks, Paul! :lol:
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Re: The Rake That Hit Them 2023-06-01

Post by Alkarii »

Damn, Timmy didn't just hit a home run, he sent that ball clear out of the park and into the next zip code.
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Re: The Rake That Hit Them 2023-06-01

Post by Opus the Poet »

This is why I said if he was a puppy he'd be "Bestest Boy" yesterday.
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Re: The Rake That Hit Them 2023-06-01

Post by Sgt. Howard »

My my my- how he has grown- here is where we first met him.
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