Monica’s Free Hugs 2013-07-19

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Re: Monica’s Free Hugs 2013-07-19

Post by Jabberwonky »

NOTDilbert wrote:....What he said.

There's also the guy known as Tex. No, he's not from Texas, he's from Louisiana, but doesn't like being called Louise....
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Re: Monica’s Free Hugs 2013-07-19

Post by bmonk »

Jabberwonky wrote:
AmriloJim wrote:At the buffet place this afternoon, I saw a young, busty Hispanic girl wearing a "Free Hugs" t-shirt.
NOTDilbert wrote:Were you in Minneapolis?
scantrontb wrote:UM,... Please tell me you're being facetious, and doing that for a laugh?... what part of AmriloJim's Gravatar info did you NOT understand? the location of his GPS?, or the AMARILLO, TEXAS part? how can you even begin to think he's up in Minneapolis?
Mark N wrote:Wait, there isn't an Amarillo, Minnesota??????? :mrgreen: And seriously, He could be visiting there.
I thought, after reading this strip for so long, that everyone important lived in Minneapolis... :?
No I--I've been there, but I live nearby, not in the state itself.
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Re: Monica’s Free Hugs 2013-07-19

Post by jwhouk »

(waves hi from my part of Wisconsin)
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Re: Monica’s Free Hugs 2013-07-19

Post by Opus the Poet »

I'm living in Texas at the moment, but I have been to Oshkosh for the convention/airshow several times and visited laCrosse (take the brewery tour) once.
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