Gwen's music

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Gwen's music

Post by Dave »

I spent some time this weekend working on a project I've had hanging fire for a while... putting Gwen's music up on the net. Finally got a Round Tuit, just in time for our anniversary today.

Two different venues, same music just presented differently... this is the album she wrote and recorded (all originals) back in 1982, a couple of years before we met.

On our second date, she picked up her guitar and sang "Chapter To My Life" for me... quite unfair of her, as there was no way I could not fall in love with her after that.

I had all of the analog tapes professionally "baked" and digitized a few years back, so I could burn CDs for her, but until now we haven't had 'em online. ... BKDTKyhfXg
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Re: Gwen's music

Post by Atomic »

Please not that the View count only measured the views from logged-in YouTube members. Not that I'm going to complain about the next 50 recommendations for smoky voiced female folk singers, but thought you should know. Who know -- maybe Dolly Parton will be on the list somewhere... Dusty Springfield, maybe?
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Re: Gwen's music

Post by TazManiac »

I've just heard 'Chapter...' while commuting on the Caltrain having just jumped off the (currently free but) slow Bus & onto the 'spensive over time but much faster (if currently less frequent) Train. Buddy had called for an in-person consult at his Mom's Seniors Only trailer park, and when it's a Mom thing you change your mode of transportation.

I didn't mean to make this all about me, and it's not meant to be; just kind of relating the background setting where upon I finally got around to viewing this thread-

Dave, Please tell Gwen I'm very impressed, and jealous of you.
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