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Top 10 Lists!

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I got bored in traffic a couple months ago, and decided that I would make a Top Ten Favorite Beers list. :) Everyone loves top 10 lists it seems, so I figured why not share my list ehre and give you guys the chance to make your own? :) doesn't even have to be top 10 long as it's top 10 boozy foods/beverages (in keeping with the theme of this section of the forum). I'm even going to address (to some extent) why certain beers rank as they do on my list, so feel free to go into as much or as little detail as you'd like!

So here it goes (please note that this list is subject to change...and has actually already been revised since its creation in April):
  • 1. Fat Tire - Not only because I enjoy this beer, but also for its general availability in stores and at the bars/pubs my husband and I fequent.
    2. Samuel Smith's Organic Chocolate Stout - This beer would actually trump Fat Tire except for 2 "issues": Availability & It's a stout (and is therefore not as drinkable when it's warm...though it's SO much easier to drink than any other stout I've had).
    3. Breckenridge Vanilla Porter - This beer could also potentially trump Fat Tire, but it, too, isn't that easy to find on store shelves in my area...and even harder to find on tap. Super tasty though!!
    4. Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout - Until #2 on my list showed up, this was my go-to stout. I prefer it to every other one I've had...unless it's a skunky bottle...
    5. Magic Hat #9 - This one could rank higher, but I've never really enjoyed it from the bottle...and it's not consistently awesome on tap at the pubs/bars I visit. There's really only one place I can go where this beer is truly amazing...and it's the only thing I order when I'm there just so I can get my fill of it.
    6. Shiner Kosmos - Yet another beer that could rank higher were it not for availability. This lovely little beer is only available in the Shiner Family which you get a 6-pack (or 12-pack) of Shiner beers and only 1 (or 2) is a Kosmos. Sad times. If anyone ever sees a full pack of this beer and wants to show they care, let me know where I can get it. :P
    7. Guinness Black - I'm a big fan of black lagers. :) On top of that, this has the Guinness taste I enjoy but is ifinitely easier to drink.
    8. Shiner Black - Again...big fan of black lagers. :P This one happens to be not only tasty, but also from Texas, and therefore its glory is essentially a given. </end Texas Pride Moment>
    9. Ugly Pug - Here's to yet another black lager! This one happens to be from a brewery near Fort Worth. I still need to go for a visit. I hear you get 2 free beers for taking the tour. :)
    10. Shiner Bock - This one makes the list because when all of the options listed above aren't available, this is what I drink. Thank heavens I live in Texas where this is as likely to be available on tap or at a party as any of the major American brews! I like it as is or with a little squeeze of lime.
So now...what about the rest of you? What are your top 10 favorite beers, boozes, mixed beverages, liquor-infused recipes, etc? :D
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