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Hey, so Paul has run into a problem lately where people have just flat-out stopped buying his original comic art. It's starting to pile up in his house and he's gonna run out of storage space soon, so if anyone can and is willing to buy some of them off of him, that would really be wonderful... Because he has already been having to shred stuff (prints, I think?).

I wouldn't be able to bear it very well if I heard Paul had to destroy his own artwork because nobody is buying it and there's nowhere to put it. It's good art, and it's part of a lot of our personal stories... I bet each and every one of you that this comic has affected your life or you, or your loved ones.

If you can afford it, and if this comic has done anything for you, your life, or your loved ones, please strongly consider buying some of his comic art, and treat it with the respect it deserves. Paul's art is not something that should be lost.

If you can't afford it, please see about trying to share this around, spread the word. Anything.

There's not a lot of things that cause me more anguish than seeing art of any kind, especially quality art that has had a marked impact on so many people, be destroyed. Books, paintings, poems, songs, movies, whatever. It all deserves preservation so that future generations can appreciate it and learn from it and and advance beyond it.

Please help.
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