Apparently, spiders do have personalities...

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Apparently, spiders do have personalities...

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Just ran across an article from McGill University (in Montreal), that states that spiders do have personalities.
Even jumping spiders have personalities scientists have discovered. A "shy" individual will not make the same choices as a "bold" individual.


“So one of the primary question of my research became: can insecticides cause similar personality shifts in individual spiders?"

The answer it turns out, is that, yes it can for some. Just as drinks and alcohol affect some people more than others. But the crucial fact, for the form that scientific research takes, is that how animals respond to their environment is very much an individual question.

A mirror experiment reveals spider personality
When spiders face themselves in a mirror their personality differences show.

This 'aggressive' spider attacks its own reflection This 'shy' spider flees from its own reflection
Apparently, Paul was way ahead of the research, when mini-Dietzel met his spider friend...
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