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Bravissimo US!

Post by Julie »

*sweeps aside cobwebs from Forum ID*

Hi there folks! Just sticking my head in for a brief, but exciting (to me) announcement. :) I've long been a big fan of the Bravissimo lingerie stores and their sister clothing brand, Pepperberry (which has since been absorbed back into the Bravissimo name for simplicity's sake). They are a British company that offers a variety of lingerie, pajama, and clothing items designed for women with larger breast sizes. I'm a HUGE fan of the way they handle the clothing in particular, since you get to stick to your known "size" for dresses and shirts, and then just adjust the "curviness" to suit your breasts instead of having to buy bigger sizes and then tailor things to fit. The company as a whole are best suited to address the needs of small to average women with large breasts (their bras cover a wider range of body sizes than their clothes do, so larger women aren't left out of the pretty bra fun). The only real problem with the company was that they were British. All purchases had to be made with potential foreign transaction fees, shipping was ridiculously expensive, returns weren't guaranteed to be free, and calling customer service for direct assistance meant calculating the time difference between you and the UK.

However, I just got an email today from the company that says they're finally expanding into the US! They haven't opened any stores yet (nor do I have any clue how many locations they'd even bother with at first), but they are in the process of trying to get that done. What they have done so far is create a US website for the company ( When you order from the US site, you don't have to pay foreign transaction fees, you get reduced shipping costs and you get free returns. They're also setting up a customer service line for US customers, so we won't have to call overseas for help. The only real downside is that they are increases the product costs for US customers who use the US site (or shop in US stores). I haven't looked at the price differences just yet for shipping and whatnot, but I'd be willing to bet it's not going to be a terrible difference in the final totals.

I don't know about the rest of the top-heavy ladies out there, but this is life-changing news for me. :) I won't be stuck shopping at the (wonderfully staffed, but somewhat limited in selection and hours of operation) bra boutique in my area! I may also get to start shopping for clothes that fit me without being stuck shopping at the "big lady" stores! I've loved the stuff I've gotten from Bravissimo/Pepperberry in the past, but the shipping costs were just too much to handle on top of an already pricey garment (which is why I made it a point to hit up a Bravissimo store a few years back when I was in London). This brings them back into the realm of feasible budgeting. :)

Anyhow, just wanted to share the news that there will be a new company in the US addressing our breasty needs! :) Hope you sweeties are all doing fabulously! *disappears back into the fog of "adulting"*
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Re: Bravissimo US!

Post by DinkyInky »

How the hell did I miss this?

I am a happy Dinky. This is awesome.
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