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Post by Geek_on_call »

This woman's video is great. It should be mandatory for boy's in junior high.
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Re: Men!

Post by scantrontb »

not JUST Jr. High... SR. High, and EVERY YEAR of College too... while i am a guy, and while, yes i do go to strip clubs like she suggests, i try not to be a jerk about the points she makes either... and i think that if any of the articles about the athletes that "ponytail" was talking about showed those women in practically ANY OTHER setting than "JUST" competing, he probably wouldn't have been so vehement about their looks as he was/is, for the same reasons that she talks about (sports bras vs non-sports bras).
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Re: Men!

Post by Cyberpawz »

You know, I am resurrecting this post for a specific reason... I watched the video, and although I have to agree with her on some things, her attitude is the exact same issue she has with him... it's not that she doesn't know anything about the person, but the fact she is assuming some things.

I will say I don't agree with what the guy said at all, but in some cases have people though that this guy is turkish, and throughout the middle east in many cases they are bigoted and sexist due to their upbringing... in where women still are meant to spend their time in the kitchen, and the men don't?

I've been to a middle eastern wedding before, it was interesting to say the least, the men spent time away from the women as the women prepared their food, and it probably was for the better. I personally went over to the women and helped them cook, the men there looked at me weird, but you know what I got a kick-ass falafel recipe out of it.

On a side note, has anyone ever though, perhaps the reason he said what he did was to get attention? That is what he got...

As for Sports Bras, I am married, I have a wife which for all intended purposes has the same issue Monica has, big boobs... which for some reason even at age 24 haven't stopped fully growing yet. She is now a H/I/J cup...(depending on the make) bras are expensive to begin with, sports bras are even more so. That being said, a sports bra can only hold back so much flesh, no matter even if you got one that is designed for the well endowed women, she will still get movement. To stop her from moving you need a boob chastity belt, and they don't make them...

I've taken up lessons to learn how to make a bra, but I'll tell you now, no matter how much you strap them down, you are either uncomfortable because they feel like they have been strapped down like how Atsali was before she was willing to show her figure, and that itself can cause problems, or they are just held there enough where you won't give yourself a black eye, but at the same time you may want to give someone else one for staring.
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