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Bra patterns....

Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:16 pm
by Cyberpawz
Ok, let me get this off my chest, no pun intended, my wife is rather well endowed, 36 (and shrinking band size due to weight loss, so yes her cup size may increase) G-I depending on the brand... Lane Bryant (a place I worked in the past) is the only place that fits her, Fredrick's isn't even a place I'd go unless I wanted her to look like her bra wasn't doing crap. The problem is that LB is good, but it seems for the support they go away from the "pretty" ones... I am looking for a bra pattern so I can custom make her bras, so she can get the frilly, and support she wants.

I know, I am going to have to bend some laws of physics to some extent, but I may as well do it to someone who I know that will tolerate the trial and errors...

Here is a caveat though, she wants implants to fill them out some, her decision, not mine, it's not they are flat, but gravity hasn't been kind in her mind, and I want her to be happy, so I need to have a bra pattern that can adjust to the volume, the size will be the same, just the amount of bust will be "fuller" if that makes any sense?

Re: Bra patterns....

Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 6:46 pm
by Atomic
Have you/she considered a Sari type scarf wrap instead of a bra? Automatically adjustable and fits any size according to how much arranging you put into it.

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Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:14 pm
by Cyberpawz
Atomic wrote:Have you/she considered a Sari type scarf wrap instead of a bra? Automatically adjustable and fits any size according to how much arranging you put into it.
Yes, not really something you'd wear around the gym...

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Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2014 10:59 am
by DinkyInky
Take a plain bra, and find some lace or decorative(but washable) details, and hand apply them. Before my SiL gave me a ton of overseas make bras, that's what I did. The plus with you adding the details yourselves is that you can tailor it to your whim, not the designers(stupid scratchy organza bows anyone?).

I've done the same to jeans that a friend gave that she bought for me and tailored(but got my inseam wrong). I got cute edging that you could wash, and attached it to the bottom hemto lengthen it(and the pockets to give it an overall polished look) , and it looked like a fashionable couture garment.

I am currently in the process of taking corset boning(plastic), and making cases for them, then removing all the wires(as base metal allergies give my expensive daily wear bras a 30-day life expectancy), and replacing them with corrosion free "wires".

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Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:32 am
by Julie
I don't know a thing about bra patterns, but your best bet for that will be what DinkyInky is suggesting...simply because you would need to buy a really good bra and deconstruct it to see how they built it to handle the mass...and then you'd need the means for recreating it (which may not be a problem for you but would be cost prohibitive for someone like me).

You may be better off checking to see if there are any specialty stores in your area. I used to shop exclusively at Lane Bryant for my bras for the same reasons you've mentioned she does (38 FF here...used to be a 38GG before I started losing weight), and I hated it for the same reasons...all the architectural soundness I could want, but none of the pretties. However, I found a little shop near me that carries larger cup sizes from designers that make pretty bras for all shapes and sizes of women. If you can find a store like that anywhere near you, she'll be set! :) She'll probably pay a bit more for her bras than she did at LB (I saw a $25-$30/bra increase in cost), but she'll have a lot more selection and potentially better service (i.e. I get free bra-tailoring and shipping).

Additionally, once she becomes familiar with how she fits into the bras from some of the designers, she can look into ordering online from carriers that provide even more variety than a small shop might. I've used Bravissimo (UK-based company) for that...and for buying tank tops with really good built-in bras (clasps in the back and everything!). :)

Good luck with your project!!

Re: Bra patterns....

Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:48 am
by toys4grownups
I like the animal print most, specially the leopard print.