Good uses for bad wine

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Re: Good uses for bad wine

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An earworm to consider- I have been 14 years sober, so I seldom venture into this particular forum... but every time I read the title, I am hearing Foghorn Leghorn singing,

"Whiskey, Vodka, Rum and more- DO-DAH...DO-DAH!!! Staying sober is a bore, OH, DO-DAH DEY!!!"
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Re: Good uses for bad wine

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Dave wrote:"Salting the earth" used to be a popular conqueror's trick for dealing with an enemy... plow salt into their fields and thus destroy their agricultural base, pretty much permanently.
Well, given that salt was an extremely valuable commodity, nobody ever really intentionally bothered with covering whole fields with salt. They'd just take a handful of salt and symbolically scatter it around, such as when Rome finally stomped Cathage.

Unintentionally salting the fields, on the other hand. . .
Dacquoise11 wrote:The orange peel idea works too, I have used it. I have been told slugs also avoid copper and that a person can wind thin copper sheeting or copper tape material around items they don't want chomped. I have never tried this. I recall distinctly dropping pinches of salt directly on the slugs as a child and what happens after! I'm sure most slugs would avoid a salt barrier once they notice the result, but I need to utilize every square inch of garden space
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