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Q & A: IRL Impacts

Post by GlytchMeister » Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:45 pm

How do you balance modeling with your normal job? Where I work, it takes forever to earn PTO and to use it, you have to submit the request three weeks or so in advance... And even then, it might not get approved.

Do people behave differently upon finding out you're a model? Do they respect you more or less upon learning that about you? Is it true respect, or "I wanna get in your pants" respect?

I know you don't consider your being a model to be glamorous or anything, but, to many people, it adds... I don't know... Some new light to how they see you.

Like... This is a stretch, but it's the best I have: If people already don't guess I'm a former Boy Scout (they frequently do), when they find out, they often either go "well of course you are, you're so polite and respectful and honorable and gentlemanly all the time, no shit you're a Scout."

OR... They suddenly look at me like I'm a... A... A goody-two-shoes who thinks they're better than them. And I'm not trying to put out that vibe at all, and it generally takes them a while for them to quit seeing me in that light. Generally, the fastest fix is for them to get a glimpse of my mad-scientist side.
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