Q & A: Balancing Jobs

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Q & A: Balancing Jobs

Post by GlytchMeister » Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:34 am

How do you get your "bill-paying job" (Waitress at classy steakhouse) to let you take time off work to go modeling? I can barely get my job to let me use my PTO. It seems to me like a company would rather fire you than deal with your unreliable availability...
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Re: Q & A: Balancing Jobs

Post by TazManiac » Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:47 am

I'm going to answer, despite not being 'her'; It can all depend on your cultivated relationship with the immediate higher-up, & your ability to have thought out the burden on their shoulders of "Who will replace that expected appearance' when you are elsewhere, doing other things.

They just want it to run smooth, that can overcome an unorthodox solution; IF it can demonstrate a reliable result.

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Re: Q & A: Balancing Jobs

Post by Yana Nimkova » Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:27 am

Pretty much what some of Taz said. Honestly, the summer is the slowest time for steakhouses; a lot of people who would otherwise eat out to get yummy steak are grilling them at home. So that's part of it. Another is that I'm on good terms with my work; I'm a hard worker and I don't take (unscheduled) time off, so that's good. And the last is that I tend to schedule very diligently; most of my shoots are carefully controlled on days off, and then in the summer I often will take a "vacation" for a couple weeks, during our slow times. On that, I tend to book shoots that I otherwise couldn't, that take further travel or more involved shoots.

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Re: Q & A: Balancing Jobs

Post by Catawampus » Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:53 am

By now, Yana should be well practiced at balancing two awkward things. . .

Anyway, speaking/typing as somebody who does a good bit of hiring, there can often be a lot of flexibility so long as it is understood from the beginning that a worker will need a good bit of time for other activities (whether another job, caring for a chronically sick person, taking care of kids, battling time-traveling evil clones, whatever). Especially if the worker takes care to schedule things well beforehand, and sticks to their schedule.

The problem comes from when somebody applies for a job saying that they have no trouble working a certain set schedule, and then after being hired are constantly begging off days to do such things. Those are the workers who end up being scheduled for only six hours a week, because you can't depend on them to be there to cover their shifts.

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