Q & A: Modeling trends

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Q & A: Modeling trends

Post by Yana Nimkova » Thu Mar 10, 2016 11:08 am

DinkyInky wrote:Welcome Yana!

To Cala: As a short busty gal myself, I tend to wear wrap tops, tops with scoop necks and empire waisting that blouse down, poet tops, I also layer tanks/camis with long, flowy sweaters. If I find a cute top is too low-cut, I get a silk scarf(baboushka was what we called them growing up) and tie it into flattering ascots and such that downplay it, or layer it, or do a trick my Mom taught me(and she's not busty at all).

I also grew up in NorthWest Indiana, so as a fellow cold-weather survivor, in cooler climates, light layers can make for lovely fashion, and creatively fix what a single cute top alone cannot do.

My Mother was shocked at how my top sized changed as the girls took up space. She's a tailor, and still it was a shock when I took after my Dad's side of the family, as all the women are busty. So she used every dirty trick in her arsenal.
She sewed in plastic snap cheats onto a solid coloured blouse, and mated them with a creative fabric, which turned a TMI blouse into a layered look blouse. The best part was, I could make a ton of inserts to give myself variety.

Snug tees, paired with a smart button up make for a casual polished look.

Sweater tops or scoop neck tanks paired with a blazer.

My problem with being busty has more to do with how fashion seems to indecently decorate them instead of flatter the figure tastefully, while still showing them off. There's a fine line between sexy and trashy.

What do you think about this Yana, being in the current modeling scene?

Moving to a warmer climate, I'm finding a distinct lack of tasteful scoop neck empire waisted tops, and instead find loads of asymmetrical off one shoulder tops that really nobody should wear, or v-necks, or cute mini tanks they think look flattering with bra-straps showing. So I do what any tailors daughter would do...get out my sewing machine and make them. Sometimes it's as simple as taking two sizes of the same top and cut them to fit, hiding the stitches with creative embellishments.
I think a lot has to do with the "age range" of the attire. The Hot Topics, PacSuns and Forever 21s of the world are going to cater to the younger crowd, and right now, that mindset is firmly in the Kylie Jenner-ish "show off the goodies, make sure it's skin tight" range. This isn't new; like most things, fashion cycles. The 80s were all about tight clothes for girls, while the 90s were less so. The aughties were the transition period.

I do think there's been more of a trend to show off in general, though. I don't see a problem with it personally, but then, child of my times and all...the late aughties and the teens were when I was getting my interest in fashion.

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