Is the comic dead?

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Is the comic dead?

Post by Drakkenmensch »

It's been a couple of months with no news...
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Re: Is the comic dead?

Post by Akeche »

Honestly? Probably, yeah. No real communication from Paul, who seems to spend most of his time being mad on twitter and doomscrolling which cannot possibly be helping his mental health at all. He needs to unplug, ditch the angry side of twitter and just focus on family for a while.
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Re: Is the comic dead?

Post by Atomic »

Haven't been following on FB or Twitter, so at least that's news.
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Re: Is the comic dead?

Post by Warrl »

I just made sure I have a current backup of the archive...

(I've done that with a couple other webcomics that finished or died... unfortunately there's this one that I really liked, that the first indication it was not going to continue was when the artist removed all the existing pages from the website.)
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