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Re: Pair-aDate

Post by jwhouk » Sat Aug 26, 2017 9:06 pm


Dusty handed off his body camera to the supervisor on duty and waved to the staff in the control office as he was buzzed out the front door of the institution. Despite it being mid-summer, the temperature had dropped after the sun went down.

He was used to it, of course – living in such a climate inures you to the changes in the weather. Making sure he had his bag, he looked out at the parking lot – and smiled.

There, with the tell-tale triple-vertical tail lights shining and twin exhausts rumbling low, was a Mustang GT, Minnesota plates WNG WMN on the back.

He trotted over to the car, ambling up to the passenger side where he tapped on the glass of the door. The window rolled down a moment later.

"Hey, Angel, going my way?" he asked with a smile.

"Of course," she said, clicking the power door lock as he settled in and buckled up.

"Did you come through the portal again?" he asked.

"Yep. Now it just looks like I'm pulling out of your garage." She backed the GT out of the visitor parking area and guided it down the driveway to the entrance.

"Doesn't MIB get a little nervous with you playing with that new portal technology, just to go visit your boyfriend?" Dusty didn't want to say anything about how Ari was taking the curve on the county highway they were on, but the way he was grabbing the hand hold on the door was speaking volumes.

"You forget who my boss is," she smiled. She turned onto Highway K, heading back south into Merrill. "Besides, as long as I don't abuse it, Brandi said it was perfectly fine."

She then promptly emphasized this by punching the accelerator on the 5.0, launching it down the highway. In short order, the tail lights of the Mustang disappeared into the distance, leaving the rural intersection clothed in the darkness of night.
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