Shoulderdog - a fanfilk

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Shoulderdog - a fanfilk

Post by lake_wrangler » Sat Mar 25, 2017 2:17 pm

Prompted by recent events in the comic (starting here, and going on for at least the next 8 pages), and prodded by a post on a later daily comment thread on the forum, I ended up writing a filk, still in the same daily thread.

It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to also have it here, so as to preserve it more easily. Here it is, copied over from the daily comment thread:
On Saturday 2017-03-25, at 06:44:20, [url=]lake_wrangler[/url] wrote:
Dave wrote:
AnotherFairportfan wrote:I thi k Digit got all the awareness-of-others that an ordinary teen should have, plus what Atsali was supposed to get.
She's also got what every recently-transformed young person should have: a superhero for a companion.


I'd sing it to the tune of the "Underdog" theme, but I'm really tired this evening and I can't seem to work out any decent cringe-inducing parody lyrics.
You, Sir, should be careful what you say around "young, impressionable minds"... *

I think that the Filk virus operates very much like the S.R.M.D.**: once it grabs you, there's no getting rid of it until it's run its course***...


There's no need to fear! Shoulderdog is here!

When patrons' books just disappear
and chaos its ugly head rears
librarians cower in fear
the cry goes up both far and near
for Shoulderdog! Shoulderdog! Shoulderdog! Shoulderdog!

Speedy reading, softest whisper
Dewey Dec(i)mal is no stranger
to Shoulderdog. Shoulderdog!

When paranormal headlines read
of arachnid who changed her breed
scared and worried, in dire need
to right this wrong with blinding speed
goes Shoulderdog! Shoulderdog! Shoulderdog! Shoulderdog!

Speed of lightning, tiny barker
his small nose rubs will comfort her
Shoulderdog. Shoulderdog! Shoulderdog! ****

* I am by no stretch of the imagination considered young, nowadays, nor have I been impressionable since my tender youth... but saying it this way doesn't quite have the same Je ne sais quoi to it...

** If you have never heard of Science Related Memetic Disorder, you owe it to yourself to go over and read A Miracle of Science...

*** [Pedant]Notice the proper use of "it's" and "its" in that sentence...[/Pedant]

**** Original lyrics can be found here, for comparison, along with sound files for your listening pleasure

[Edited to correct the name of S.R.M.D]

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