Back at Mucho Mocha

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Back at Mucho Mocha

Post by jwhouk » Tue Jun 25, 2019 6:10 pm

NOTE: This is a sort of "what everyone else is doing off-screen" thread for those of us who want to write about the main characters of WV Prime.


The bell on the door post chimed to announce a customer had entered the shop.

"Hello," a voice called out from under the counter. "Be right with you."

A moment passed before the figure of Tina Guzman, the owner and head Barista of Mucho Mocha emerged from behind the espresso machine.

"Oh, hello, Chess Lady!" she announced to her arrival. Your usual wheatgrass tea latte with soy milk?"

"You know I don't care for that label anymore, Tina," Brandi sighed. "But your lattes are so good, I can't say no."

"Usually, I see your roommate in here about this time of morning," she replied after starting the tea brewing. "Is Bud doing something today?"

"Yeah, she got roped into being a chaperone on a field trip at Gryphon. Castela sweet-talked her into going with them to the Bavarian forests."

"Ah, the critter mentioned that she and her new girlfriend were going to be in Europe this week. She seemed pretty excited at the prospects."

"Wait a minute." Brandi's head twisted as she looked at Tina. "You mean to tell me Castela has a girlfriend now?"

Tina peeked out from behind the espresso machine. "You mean you didn't know?"

"Well, I knew Katherine wanted some MIB agents tailing her, but I thought that was over that lady from the yoga studio." She shrugged. "Guess you learn something new every day."

"That would explain why those two guys were sitting outside on the patio while I was serving them the other day." Tina finished stirring up the drink, handing it to Brandi. "Here you go, enjoy!"

"Thank you. Oh, and the usual for my entourage."

"Entourage?" Tina looked to see that there were three men in black suits and sunglasses standing in line behind her.

"Oh. Them." She sighed and started making the salted caramel lattes.
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Re: Back at Mucho Mocha

Post by TazManiac » Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:02 pm


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