A lucky find...

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A lucky find...

Post by Dave » Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:32 pm

I got lucky today.

Gwen and I were taking a few days of rest-and-recuperation time out of town. This morning, on our way home, we stopped at a couple of local thrift stores (Gwen loves to thrift-shop). In the St. Vincent's shop, she found a perfect little black purse...

... and I spotted a big flat cardboard box sitting up on the top of a cabinet, with a "$15" sticker on it. It's an old Wacom Intuos digital drawing tablet, USB style, 12"x12" drawing area, with the pressure-sensitive pen. The box was a bit worse for wear, but the tablet itself looked as if it had never been used after it was unpacked. I gambled, bought it, and lucked out. It seems to be in perfect working condition - Linux recognizes it (no driver installation required), The GIMP recognizes it, and the pen works (both the nib and the eraser). Even the pressure-sensing and tilt functions work.

This may spur me to working more on a small digital-art project or two I've had sitting around.

It's not as fancy as a Cintiq, and it doesn't have as many pressure-sense levels as Wacom's current models, but it's much less expensive than either and should be fine for my simple needs.

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Re: A lucky find...

Post by TazManiac » Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:58 pm

Well done. (you spur me to get off the Interwebz and return to 'fixing' a Win10 PC...) sort of non-sequitur. :ugeek:

Append; Got it running, just need a few Drivers. Then I can Dual Boot it.... w/ Linux! MuHahahah.

PS- I'd be nice to have a 'full size' graphic tablet like that. Mine is teeny/tiny.

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Re: A lucky find...

Post by Atomic » Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:23 pm

Congrats! Had an old Intuos until it stopped being recognized by the latest Win upgrade. Alas... But I'm happy with the Bamboo replacement.

Good to see another GIMP user as well, so looking forward to your stuff!. Time for me to get back in the saddle, now that I've got competition, eh?
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