First Introductory Thread

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First Introductory Thread

Postby Bookworm » Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:36 am

Welcome to the forums! To make it a bit easier on us (the Administration), once you've created your login, please drop a 'hello' note here. You can lurk the rest of the time, but at least to start, let us know you are a real person.

You can also give a bit of information about yourself. No, it doesn't have to be a personal ad, - it can be an AA advertisement!

"Hi, my name is Bookworm, and I'm a Wapsiolic. I fell off of the wagon at the formation of Blank Label Comics, and haven't been able to catch up with it since."
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby The Old Wolf » Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:55 pm

Hi, Bookworm. I'm the Old Wolf. I discovered webcomics in around 2002, and a chain of recommendations from friends and acquaintances led me to Wapsi Square, where I was immediately captivated by the superb storytelling, eye-popping artwork, and the marvelous humanity evidenced in all of Paul's characters - demons and golems included. Except those Lanthan priests - they can rot forever.

I'm pleased to be able to sweep cobwebs out of the corners and generally keep things tidy here at the Wapsi forum.

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The Old Wolf
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby dDave » Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:23 pm

This thread wasn't here a few hours ago!

My introductory post is here:


Wapsi Square is part of the twenty odd web comics I read every morning as part of my waking up routine. The forum is one of the very few I have joined.

So, this is a new forum? I only just noticed the link on the comic page.

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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby Dave » Wed Aug 08, 2012 2:53 pm

Hi - I'm another Dave (one of many I suspect). Confirmed Wapsiholic since the spring of 2011, confirmed punster since pretty much forever, and a very happy camper now that the Wapsi forum is on-line!
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby Julie » Wed Aug 08, 2012 3:25 pm

I'm Julie! :) Certified Texan, permanent resident in Confusion Corner (though I do make forays into the discussions about what's going on when I'm feeling brave), and general layabout (only not really...I just fantasize about being able to happily live doing nothing). :)
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby jwhouk » Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:54 pm

Hi, I'm Joe, and I'm a Wapsi-holic.

(pause for everyone to say, "Hi, Joe")

I have been following Wapsi Square since its days with BLC, back on the old forums where I had written a cast list (which is grossly out of date now) and had even whipped up a little fanfic (yeah, yeah, I know - no sex, though).

I am married to a wonderful lady who is definitely not Monica - she's too tall, and she's not Mexican-Irish-American. But she does have a Magic 8-Ball t-shirt, though.
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby Bookworm » Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:08 pm

To answer an earlier post. Yes, this was newly created. I did it after purging fifty spambots out of the inactive users, and a number of others out of the 'zero post' group of users.

Hopefully those that want to lurk will at least make an effort to post here once, then go back to lurking. That way, zero posters can be purged out every few months (as being automatically created by robots, then not used)
I'll get a life when it's proven and substantiated to be better than what I'm currently experiencing.
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby shadowinthelight » Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:21 pm

I am... a guy who values anonymity on the net. But I do use the same screename and avatar almost everywhere (except the Sluggy Freelance forums, for some reason when I signed up there I shortened it to s.i.l.. What the hell was I thinking....) so a real stalker or govenment type could probably figure out who I am.
Single but unemployed so dating is not an option right now. Not that I'm good at meeting people in the real world anyway. Y también hablo español.
Julie, about Wapsi Square wrote:Oh goodness yes. So much paranormal!

Image My deviantART and YouTube.
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby Atomic » Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:32 pm

Ahoy there, me hearties! I'm Atomic, fearless surfer of the vast and far-flung web, searching ever onward for webcomics that are a cut above, delightful in aspect, and interesting to the mind. In fact, I've goned soo farr as tooooo rulmt mochon;sl l.rr. ... mmxrm

Ack. Cough. ... oh, good. the meds finally kicked in.

As I was saying, I've enjoyed following Wapsi Square since a few months at most after it's beginning, and continue to do so! Nearly 30 years as a weatherman gave me some wonderful skills drawing lovely curved lines and such. I had followed various comics on the web for some time, and one day I came across Pawn (nsfw), by an artist who loved to work in pencil. When I came to Part 1, Page 13, Things Clicked. That single page connected the ideas of layout and structure that I hadn't recognized before. So, I started working on drawing.

Perhaps someday, people will be clamoring for "Gothstrich" or "Norman, the Cross-Eyed Squid" t-shirts, but for now, I'm happy to keep learning and enjoying the art and storytelling of Wapsi Square.
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby NOTDilbert » Thu Aug 09, 2012 1:11 am

Hi guys, it's me, Dilbert's separated-at-birth twin(ish). While geeky, I don't have Big D's techy skills; I build models, try my hand at drawing (no, no samples), role-play when I can find the right crowd, and play compy games when I can't. Games I like include Civ4 and Civ5, Evil Genius, SimCity (any), and The Sims (anyone see a pattern?).

I have a few health problems - Diabetes and heart disease (I have a pacemaker), and their assorted cohorts and minions. I am currently supporting three doctors' children through college.

Oh, and two cats and one room-mate - Greymalkin, Buster and Scott. Guess which is which.

That ought to be enough......Later folks. (c8
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby MerchManDan » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:21 am

Hiiii everybody!! I'm MerchManDan, feel free to call me Merch or Dan or MMD. Been following Wapsi Square for a few years now, but can't recall precisely when I started or what led me to it.
Anyhow, I'm quite the geek with various interests, including (but not limited to) webcomics, speculative fiction/fantasy, science fact, LEGO, tabletop RPGs, Ponies, t-shirts, and other stuff. I'm pathologically shy in real life, except when karaoke night rolls around. 34, blue eyes, shaved head, startling resemblance to Kyle Gass. Also, Canadian.
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby Wildcat » Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:38 am

Howdy! I discovered Wapsi Square when it was still on the Keenspace, and have been coming back ever since. :D

I have my own very much neglected webcomic thing, and my tweety page handle is @Butzengear

Did I miss anything? :D

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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby Wolf » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:46 pm

Hi, confirmed Wapsiholic with 10 year button ;)

I'm a retired technical writer, living in south-west Washington State out and up in the country (1200 feet altitude) not far from the Columbia river (here, fishy, fishy, fishy!)

Besides fishing, I enjoy wood working, futzing around with computers (built my wife Sandra a very powerful one - cheaper than buying one!), spending time with Sandra relaxing, taking photography trips, gardening (well, mostly lots of weeding right now!), watching movies together, poking holes in targets with recurve and compound bows, and with hand and long guns.
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby bmonk » Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:43 pm

Hi--I'm bmonk, and I drifted over here over the last four or so years.
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby Mark N » Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:51 pm

Hi, I'm Mark N. I used the gravatar maark30 on the old comments and I am just glad to have a good forum system to discuss the comic and other subjects with the other forumies and Paul himself.
I find that a forum, when managed properly, can be a great boon to the artist when he gets to see that he has given his audience something to think and laugh about.

Not to mention I was suffering from forum withdrawal thanks to the trolls
This message is brought to you by the "Let the artist know how much you LOVE his work" council.
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Mark N
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby TheDOCTOR » Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:13 pm

How do you do, I'm The DOCTOR. Been reading Wapsi since the girls were trying to save the world, then went back to the beginning to catch up. Before that I was introduced to Girl Genius by my brother then Chickweed and Pib, and have been pokeing about here and there, mostly leaving nice comments and was surprised when I wrote to The Foglios and they answered, then Jenner (Doc Rat), then Hollbrook. Nice People all.
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby Prester Fred » Fri Aug 10, 2012 1:02 am

My name in real life is John, so I had to use something else in the comments and forums...

Prester Fred came to me in a moment of mad inspiration.
Prester Fred
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby Julie » Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:16 am

Prester Fred wrote:My name in real life is John, so I had to use something else in the comments and forums...

Prester Fred came to me in a moment of mad inspiration.

A spin on Prester John? I've recently read a book where I learned that Prester John was the king of Ethiopia back in the day (or some other far-flung land that the Europeans couldn't precisely identify). :)
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Re: Tinkerjack

Postby tinkerjack » Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:45 am

Hey, I am a long time reader. I registered to show support and to make a suggestion. I own a couple of forums and the spambots were driving us crazy. I'm only half-geek, so not tech sophisticated as some others. Mostly I - tinker. All of that is to say the we did a very easy migration to SMF (simple machines forum) and are untroubled by spambots anymore.

Other than being a half-geek I am an avid webcomic reader. I came here because I depend on the comments to understand what I don't understand in the comic. So probably I will lurk more than anything else. Thanks to the regular comment posters for still being here.

I'm a crisis clinician who's retired from that to teach online. I tinker with lots of things besides computers so I am a kind of jack-of-all-tinkerings. I make webcomics but can't draw so I do them all on Pixton, same username if you're interested. It's also proof that I am a real live human and not a webcomic character lurking on your forum....
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Re: First Introductory Thread

Postby MrFireDragon » Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:15 pm

Hello I'm Erick, 36 years old, from Mexico, recent Wapsiholic, I climbed the wagon on Nov 2011 and got hooked. I must admit that I first hooked by the bustyness found on the webcomic, I have always liked big breasted women. I married a busty woman and I'm a happy man, not because of her breast cup, but because she is a wonderful beautiful lady, fun to be with and that needs me as much as I need her, we have a wonderful 5 year old daughter that I'm turning into a little gamer (the missus is not so happy about that, but hey, I was a gamer kid).

What else, uhm, well I have two businesses, I own an Art Design Studio called FireDragon Media Group, still small but we are growing steadily each year, we also started a year ago with some social media services, so that's why I volunteered for the Mod position on this forum, and I am director of the family business where we make industrial rubber products, not very glamorous but hey, someone has to do this stuff.

I love art and design in all forms, Disney fan since I have memory (goes as far back as when I was 3 years old). Comic book fan since an early age too, Marvel, Antartic Press, LightingStorm, Dark Horse.... never was a DC fan, but I do love Batman since the Batman tv series with Adam West and Burt Ward, of course loved the latest Christopher Nolan trilogy.

My wife was diagnosed with Reumathoid Arthritis 4 years ago, but thanks a strict diet, food supplements, Therapeutic Yoga and Acupuncture she has a normal life, just some pains now and then but nothing serious. But due to this bump in life we live a healthier life, we ere even able to catch a little endocrine problem I have that if left unattended it could have developed in cancer in the future. Our daughter also has a very healthy life and she is as happy as a girl can be at 5 years old with all her grandparents alive and being the first granddaughter on both sides.

My life's motto is Live, Laugh, Love and Keep Moving Forward, and I try to apply it in all possible sides and angles of my life and it has worked very good so far.

Oh yeah, and for those who wonder why FireDragon.... well I was born on 1976, and according the Chinese calendar that was the year of the Fire Dragon, thus my company's name and my nickname.

so, that's me, nice to meet you all, and in case you want to know a bit more about me outside of the Wapsi Square Forum, you can follow me on various social media sites:

ooops guess I went overboard with this.... sorry about that :D
"Live, Laugh, Love and Keep Moving Forward." MrFireDragon
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